Wind blown

14 April 2024

Ray French

This photo was taken in 1997; it depicts the base of an early 19th century wind-powered water pump in Caithness. The wind pump is presumed to have been used to drain the nearby slate quarry (Caithness slate is still a very much prized - and very expensive! - decorative paving material). The mill now comprises part of the Castlehill Heritage Centre near to Castletown in Caithness, Scotland.

The photo was taken with my old Mamiya 645 using Kodak Tmax 400 film. The negative had been squirreled away in one of my older ring binders until last week, when it re-emerged into the light to be scanned using the rather wonderful facilities at Stills ( in Edinburgh.

This image is now part of the Scotland gallery on and may, in due course, make its way onto my Shutter Hub portfolio page here:

JGH-12120 Castlehill, Caithness.