Wheels of cheese

21 November 2023

Ray French

One of Edinburgh's more boho quarters - Stockbridge - was involved in the UCI Cycling World Championships last summer. Here is an image of competitors in the men's road race zipping along the cobbles of Kerr Street, just outside the iconic local I.J. Mellis cheese shop, whose staff had been offering free samples to passers-by shortly before the peleton came through. The riders didn't hold back on the treacherous cobbles, and one cyclist came a cropper just after this shot was taken. Slightly embarrassing because it was just the warm-up: the race hadn't actually started at this point...

This image is now part of the After The Fireworks gallery on AnOrdinaryPlace.com and may, in due course, make its way onto my Shutter Hub portfolio page here:


BCH-06129 Bicycle Race, Stockbridge, 2023..