Beware of Pickpockets: update

22 August 2022

Ray French

I'm very happy to report that since it's release in April, Beware of Pickpockets has sold rather well. Indeed, at the time of writing, there are less than ten copies remaining available for purchase!

Given that I had visions of having to punt my mighty tome around the charity shops of Stockbridge in years to come, the speed with which the book has been taken up has been tremendous. It required no formal advertising, but it did get some wonderful endorsements from early purchasers, which obviously helped.

I'm deeply grateful to all those who have seen fit to buy a copy of the book, and this is really just a heads-up to anyone who may have been thinking of investing in a copy: don't wait too long, or you may end up fighting Pasquale Bruno for his (and there is only going to one winner there...). Drop me an email at for details of how to get hold of a copy.

- Ray.