14 November 2022

Ray French

As I wandered out onto Naples' Piazza Garibaldi one Friday morning last month, I encountered a large crowd of students mustering under a banner proclaiming "Jatevenne". Jatevenne is a Neapolitan word roughly meaning 'go away' (as in, 'get lost!') and was being directed at a variety of targets including climate change deniers, local far right groups, the new government of Giorgia Meloni, and certain elements of the education system.

It was refreshing to see so many students willing to engage in political protest; the march was peaceful but no less spectacular for that, not least the symbolic 'deaths' of three marchers, their 'corpses' daubed with red paint to mark the actual deaths of three students (Giuliano de Seta, Lorenzo Parelli and Giuseppe Lenoci) while working as interns as part of Italy's unpopular 'Paths for transversal skills and orientation' program. More power to their paint-spattered elbows, I say....

This image is now part of the Italia a colori gallery on this site and will, in due course, make its way onto my Shutter Hub portfolio page here: https://shutterhub.org.uk/photographers/ray-french/.

BBK-21155 Jatevenne March, Napoli 03..