I'm still standing

14 March 2024

Ray French

This image, of part of the Milanese satellite town of Melzo, was taken in 2009. As of last year (the summer of 2023 to be precise) your correspondent can confirm that, while the adjacent railway station has enjoyed a comprehensive refurbishment, both the chimney and the windowless building pictured here remain in a state of significant delapidation. Indeed, much of the main building has been smothered by green creeping vegetation, to the point where some of the window orifices are barely visible. As urban decay goes, it's actually quite pretty now, but back in 2009 it rocked my grunge sympathies.

This image is part of the Italia a Colori gallery on AnOrdinaryPlace.com and may, in due course, make its way onto my Shutter Hub portfolio page here:


09003 Awaiting Demolition, Melzo